Analytical. Ambitious. Asset.

 I believe in the three A's, being analytical, ambitious and an asset to my employer. This means that all three of the big rating agencies; Moody's, S&P and Fitch have given me an investment rating of AAA.

  • S&P gave me this review
    " Mark is an interesting new investment opportunity, he is brilliant, dedicated and his analytical skills are very strong. We give him AAA rating. "
  • Moody's said of me
    " Mark is ambitious, which shows in many ways. He is hardworking, dedicated and has a good work ethic, we give him a Aaa rating. "

  • Fitch wrote this of me
    " Mark is a great investment, he is a great asset to keep on your team. We give him an AAA rating. "


useful or valuable qualityskill, or person.

"His knowledge and experience would make him a priceless asset. You could say his greatest asset was his Ambitions or his sharp analytical skillset. "

Five quick ones about work experience and education

  1. studies mathematics and statistics at UCPH, at 3rd year after summer.
  2. Currently part-time working as Tutor in Mathematics, physics and Chemistry for high schoolers
  3. Previous student intern at an investment project with Thomas Lystlund Studio
  4. Previously attended high school at KNord Lyngby, with majors in Math, Physics and English.
  5. Previous closer at MinKøbmand Classensgade, where i worked as a night shift manager(closer)

My Soft Skills

  • Analytical 
  • Ambitious
  • Teamplayer
  • Detail oriented
  • Responsible

My hard skills

  • statistics and quantitative analysis
  • Data analysis and data collection
  • Risk analysis and risk management
  • general understanding of financial services and markets
  • Insurance mathematics

My technical skills

  • Microsoft office
  • Adobe suite
  • R, MATLAB, Python
  • SQL, Lua, C++, HTML
  • Eviews, Tableau, PowerBI, SAS

Career Map

High school diploma

English & Math & Physics

Ba. Scient

Ba. Scient

Continuous career development


CQF etc.

Cand. Scient
Insurance math

Entry-level Actuary

Senior-level staff
Quantitative Risk


Quantitative Risk







2022 expected

2022 onwards

2024 expected

2025 expected





This map may be subject to change and I will update it as I progress


Desire and determination to achieve success.

"Mark is a determinated young man, he stays strong and powers on through courses, extracurricular activities, projects and more. The goals are big and the dedication is there too. "

Investment management

In my spare time practice investment analysis and investment management by doing a lot of paper trading and simulated investing. I've tried Aktiedysten, Børsens Aktiespil, Webull, TD ameritrade, SaxoBank simulated trading and a few others. I mostly invest in stocks as It's commonly know, but I've also tried trading bonds, FX and commodities. 

Strategy games

I've enjoyed strategy games ever since I was introduced to them as a child, I was introduced to chess very early on and I still enjoy it to this day. In my teens I was introduced to RTS games, such as Warcraft and Starcraft, a type of game I later turned to and I've reach a top 10% rating in Starcraft, reach as high as Diamond 1. In recent years I've enjoyed the newest development in the genre, namely Auto battlers, where I've played a bit competitevely but never done it ambitiously.

Graphics design/visuel communication

At an early age I developed a talent for graphical design, arts and drawing. I've later enjoyed the benefits of this talent in website design, document design and in the my work with communication of complex subjects to all sorts of people.

TD Ameritrade, has this platform called Thinkorswim, which has a papertrading option. I've used it for simulating my considerations and practice in investment analysis

Starcraft is a Real-time-strategy(RTS) game, which focuses on economy, building orders and strategic confrontations, much like with chess, but rather more fast paced


useful or valuable qualityskill, or person.

"His knowledge and experience would make him a priceless asset. You could say his greatest asset was his Ambitions or his sharp analytical skillset. "

 I am currently maintaining a series of smaller hobby projects related to mathematical finance, risk management and investment analysis. One such project is a project on price movements and price manipulation on the virtual roleplaying game, World of Warcraft. Where I've found there is a working auction house system, which other players can participate in.

World of Warcraft auction house price manipulation

By using the world of warcraft auction house system I can without the use of real money practice the buying low and selling high idea. Because of the player participation, I can also at the same time get an idea of how people will react to price manipulation and what their response will be. Starting with the prices on Linen cloth, a common commodity used in the tailoring profession, After earning a set amount on this sort of trading, I move into more desirable markets, such as rune cloth, which is used to make equipment for competitive raiding events. 

My future plan, is to make a daily measure on the price of certain commodities on the auction house, than to compare it as it grows, shrinks or stays the same, while I try to push the prices